Around the House: Vintage Bits and Bobs

Monday, July 11, 2011

When taking a peek at some of my favorite, most inspirational interiors on pinterest (yes, I pin and yes, it's addictive) I've noticed that there is one thing that ties them all together, no matter the overall style - a love of vintage. I love pieces that have a history to them. Much like us, with our wrinkles and gray hair, I believe that all vintage pieces have earned their scratches, dents and rust spots. And while I may not know the story behind them, I treasure their history and their worn surfaces. 

Here's a look at just some of the treasures I've scored for our home at a couple of estate sales recently.

And here's why I brought them home....

Playroom: I want to liven up the boys playroom with vintage games and toys that can be used as decoration and can actually be played with.

Boys' room and My craft room: The colored rulers below were added to the side of the doorjam in the boys' bedroom. We'll use them to mark their growth and if we move...we can take 'em with us. The vintage carpenter rulers will be used as frames. The pencil sharpener? What better way to mark kindergarten than with a pencil sharpener mounted on the wall. I predict this baby will get a lot of use over the years.

My husband's desk: He is always in need of something to keep him better organized and store his stuff. At $5.00, I couldn't really pass up this beautiful wood inbox. Could I?

The London piggy bank and vintage curling iron (up top) will make great gifts down the road. And the hole punch? I needed one. I should point out a few rules I have for estate sale shopping...

1. If it's less than $1.00 and I love it... it's coming home with me.
2. Carry $20.00 cash or less. No check writing. Stay on budget.
3. If it's more than $3.00, I have to ask myself, "do I really need this or do I just want it?" If it's just a want, it stays behind - unless it's an amazing vintage piece at a great price.
4. If it's furniture, I call the hubs and ask if it's okay.
5. I ask myself, "Would it make a great gift?" I'd much rather give a gift with a little history or make it myself.

PS - The most expensive item above was the vintage inbox at $5.00. Everything else was a $1.00 or less. Now that's just good shopping. Happy Monday. xo
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