Corn Fed Estate Sale

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I don't know that any of my lovely items were truly corn fed, but I did score them all at one estate sale in Iowa - the land of corn! That's butter drippin', finger lickin' goodness right there. And it gets better, most of it was $2.00 or less.

 (the paper flower was made by me, after opening my vintage package of 15 that I scored for $1.00)
 (uber cool pop-up book)
 (I begged two women for this lap board desk - even pulled the "drove all the way from Texas" card. Thanks ladies for giving up this cool map/game board. It looks great in the playroom.)
This sweet little baby ben was only a buck and it works!

Next week I'll show you my amazing clothing scores. I'm pretty much set for the Fall. Iowa did me right baby! xo
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