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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thirteen hours of highway broken up with some beautiful rollings hills, farm land, rain, Freddy's and Rock River Rapids in Derby, Kansas made for a pretty awesome road trip with my littles and SIL. (I should note that the rain was the first that I had seen in months. It was beautiful.)

Now that we're in Iowa, we have enjoyed the farmer's market with THE best homemade ice cream ever, extremely mild temps, more rain, estate sales and family water war. Ahhh, I love family vacations.

 do ya see that kickin' homemade bass?  awesomeness.

 (that's the face you get when brother "steals" the ice cream.)
world's best ice cream
the water war "plan" - boys attack girls from treehouse
 the attack
 boys team
girls team

Fun. Fun. Fun.  Estate sale and thrift store finds coming later this week.  I hope you're enjoying your family and these last few weeks of Summer. xo
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