Problem Solved.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Upon moving into our house four years ago, I found the above ghastly problem. The previous owners had removed the super cool vintage heater and replaced it with these ugly brown tiles. This went unnoticed in our house tour because they had covered it up with a standing towel rack. Uggh! I have pondered about what to do ever since. 

While in Round Top,  I set my eyes upon a little $10.00 wire bookrack and I knew I had the "perfect" solution. Then came problem number two...not enough weight and the books were falling between the wire slits. Frustrating on a whole new level. I knew if I ever stumbled across just the right old wooden boxes, I could fit them on the shelves and my problems would be solved. Well, thank goodness for estate sales. I scored some awesome vintage wood boxes for $1.25 each, this past weekend. Now look!

The unsightly brown square is not completely concealed, but it'll do. Best of all, my kids have something to read during their 20 minute bathroom breaks! (Why it takes them so long, I'll never know. Guy thing I guess.) xo
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