Around the House: In the Key of G

Monday, November 14, 2011

I scored the above lovelies while in Round Top for a mere $1.00 each.  I love the rust, the detail of each one and the fact that they're all so unique, yet similar.  In a way it reminds me of us/people. You know...similar but so different. A bit beat up and weathered from the daily struggles of life, yet beautiful in our own way.

I go to a Women's bible study every Wednesday and a few weeks ago I heard the an awesome teaching on the "Keys to Worship." Give it a listen if you can. It's inspiring.  Kay, the teacher, shared that God is the grooves on the keys. He creates the notches in our lives that give us access. He gives us access to wisdom and understanding. Awesome stuff.  i knew what I wanted to do with my keys...

entryway before:

entryway now:

I love it.  Every time I enter my home, I am reminded to let Him be the grooves in my life.  The life I desire and strive for daily. Happy Monday! xo

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