Hobby Lobby Goes Anthro

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Did you know that Hobby Lobby has an entire row of knobs, drawer pulls and hooks that look insanely similar to some of Anthropologies' knobs and hooks?  Well, they DO! And it gets better...they're so dirt cheap it's unbelievable. When I stumbled onto this little treasure trove, I knew straight away I had to make a coat rack for my Cricket (aka Bevel - it's a long story).

I had an old salvaged piece of wood in the garage that just happened to be her favorite color of blue.

What gets better than super cute hooks at rock bottom prices? How about a half-off sale? Yup, you heard me right...half-off! I died.

I love the end result. I can't wait to see this little number adorning her lovely walls! Be sure to check out your local Hobby Lobby; this would make an awesome Christmas gift for someone on your list. xo
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