Around the House: Making it Work

Monday, November 21, 2011

The hubs and I received some pretty depressing news this week that dashed our future hopes just a bit. Since early this year my husband has been working out of the home. It's been such a great blessing that we decided to add a studio above our garage so he would have a place to work and shoot. The city put the big kabosh on our plans - no adding a second floor studio to our garage since it isn't attached to our house. Booooo!  Sometimes rules and regulations stink! After much prayer and being open to God's plans for us, we have decided to move things around here at home a bit. The hubs got the big office and I said bye-bye to my sewing/crafting room. I'm back in the closet - literally! Here's a look.

My "office" i.e. computer, now resides in our bedroom tucked away in a little Ikea desk unit. I think it will work out just fine. Until God shows another way. 

PS - see that awesome Coca-Cola crate, wood box, kitchen scale and green metal lunch box? The estate sales have been good my friends. Very good. Happy Monday. xo
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