Weekly Challenge: Survive the Created Chaos

Friday, November 18, 2011

I don't like messes. They truly get under my skin. And though I am trying to get better at this... we ripped apart that seemingly perfected playroom one more time and installed a vent/fan thingy in our bathroom. All at the same time and in three days! If this were your house...how would you survive?

I organized. Or rather, I tried to organize in the midst of the chaos.  I made a chore chart for my oldest using an old cookie sheet, scrap magnets from the mail and chalkboard paint. Wednesday I'll post the details of how this was accomplished.

I also picked $12.00 worth of organizational doo-hickies at Ikea to get rid of our "on the door shelving system." And wouldn't you know... that was the best $12.00 I've ever spent. It has provided much joy and serenity. Now my door doesn't stick, my littles can open it and I don't have to worry about glass jars crashing on the ground every time we get in our pantry. Hello win. win. win.

The playroom is coming back together nicely - I'm doing the organizational bit today. And our shower/bathroom is now steamy sogginess free. Thank you thank you sweet husband and Papa Dude!  I survived the chaos - Praise the Lord. Oh happy, happy weekend! Hope yours is filled with more serenity than chaos. xo
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