Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Starbucks Fraps - To Go

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh Starbucks... how thoughtful of you to allow us to enjoy your beverages at home. And in a lovely and simple bottle too. What to do with those bottles once the yummy goodness has been consumed? How about a little DIY for your Thanksgiving table?

four pack of Starbucks frappuccino
white spray paint
stickers/appliques from Michaels (dollar bin)
clear sealant spray paint

Consume yummy goodness, remove stickers, wash and dry.

Spray paint bottles in desired color. 
Allow to dry.
Cut out the stickers/appliques. (I used the little ones for the smaller frap bottles.)

Place stickers/appliques onto bottles and rub/scratch with plastic stick included in package.

Seal with clear sealant - a light coat will do the trick.

This little project is so easy, but it is probably not for the perfectionist. It was tricky to get all of the applique onto the bottle and while scratching it off, my hand would slip and I'd scratch the paint a bit. I'm sure if you really took your time it could come out perfect though. I did mine while my little was getting ready for school yesterday morning. Yeah, I rushed it a bit. Oh well, I love the end result. 

A snip here and there from my bushes and trees in the front yard, along with some yummy apples and pears... voila! Instant Thanksgiving centerpiece. If you put the appliques on large enough bottles, they would work so well for storing your silverware on the big day. xo
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