Around the House: Christmas Cheer

Monday, December 5, 2011

Sorry for my absence lately. I guess I've kinda had the bloggy blues in addition to the cold I had last week. However, I seized the moment and made the most of my "online downtime." We've been doing a bit of decorating around the house and it's wonderful. Christmas music is playing throughout the house and pine scented candles are burning. 

Last year I received this vintage tinsel tree from our dear friends Jon and Kathy. It couldn't be more perfect what with our love of all things vintage and the boys allergies. I've been collecting little vintage ornaments here and there to give it just the right look. My Mother-in-law got me off to a good start with loads of goodies from her personal stash.

The entryway has been grabbing the attention of all the littles coming by to play. They love typing their most wanted items onto the list. So fun. I think I just may have to date this one and keep it in a memory box. I think it will provide some good laughs in about 10-15 years!  Hope you are enjoying the season and the many blessings it has to offer. xo
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