Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Resolutions

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Call 'em what you will, in the end, they leave me with nothing but guilt. Guilt for not accomplishing them or striking items off said list, not matter how long or short the list may be. Last year I made the mistake of making a list and even sharing it with you guys - gasp! Guess what? Didn't finish a single one. Not one. Does that make me less of a person? Does that mean I didn't accomplish a thing? Does it mean that I'm not motivated? I think not. It means that life came along and swept me up with a new set of challenges - ones that I didn't plan. 

I think I grew last year and faced many obstacles/challenges that weren't on my list. Maybe my list wasn't as good I originally thought. No matter. The point is that I grew. I changed. And in most cases for the better. So I didn't work out and I now have more dimples as a result...I did play with my kiddos a ton. Who cares that I didn't accomplish the splits? I encouraged my six year old as he attempted to do them. Does it matter that I didn't write a letter to each of my friends or family members to let them know how much I love them? Instead I spent time with each of them and never missed an opportunity to share that message with them face to face - in the midst of making new memories.

Am I saying that resolutions are wrong? No. I'm just saying that they don't work for everyone and sometimes they can do the opposite of their intended purpose. That is all. And that, friends, is my reduction for this week - one less list. And a whole lot less guilt. xo
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