The Forgotten Party Craft

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

When Christmas garland is on sale 50% off and you have a love for all things that sparkle, it's kinda hard to pass up one that is both silver and gold!  Before I left for vacation, I found a lovely little garland for about $4.00. I snagged it right away, planning to make New Year's Eve party favors with it. Guess what...forgot to make them. And, I was stuck in a car at midnight so it didn't really matter anyway.  But, here's the idea I had...

Why not turn the garland into some faux sparklers!  Here's how:

hot glue gun
kabob sticks

 step 1: snip garland into 4" strips
step 2: hot glue garland strips to the end of the kabob - wrapping the garland around the stick and securing the ends with glue

step 3: party!

You could also tie on some jingle bells with some neon ribbon for noise makers! And by the way, how cute would these be as a cake-topper? Hello fantastic! Sorry I didn't post this little diddy before the new year, but perhaps you could hang onto this one for that special occasion down the road? xo

PS - Just to show you how easy this one is...I gave some snippets to my girlfriend's 8 year old daughter before we hit the road. Hers turned out fantastic.

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