Around the House: Bathroom Redo

Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Monday. What I am about to show you is pretty shameful. I sometimes refer to it as my dirty little secret. It's my... bathroom. There. I've said it. Our Master Bath is probably the only room in the house that I don't really like. It's not our style at all. Yes, there's the kitchen floors and countertops that I've mentioned before, but our master bath (upon first moving in) was a boxy, traditional mess. Crazy green colored walls, beige tiled shower and floor, with a plywood mirrored medicine cabinet (not recessed) and a plywood storage cabinet above the toilet. Boxy, boxy, boxy. I'm trying to upgrade bit by bit, but it's proving harder than I originally thought. 

First upgrade - remove boxy plywood storage cabinet and replace with IKEA shelving. Ahhh, the bathroom instantly felt bigger and brighter.

I was then inspired by the following bathroom remodels/upgrades where they used outdoor light fixtures:

Second upgrade attempt - change out light fixture that has begun to rust badly.
Fail! While it looks great, it only casts downlight (obviously) and doesn't work well in our bathroom because it's our only light source. I want to cry at this point.
lowe's very practical and affordable medicine cabinet that makes our bathroom look even smaller than it already is.

Third attempt - remove boxy surface mount medicine cabinet and replace with my super dope $8.00 vintage mirror.
Another fail!  I'm almost in tears by now. But I will not give up! I am currently scouring craigslist for a mirror that will work (and is cheap) and I have spray painted the old rusted light fixture (inspired by Ashley of Under the Sycamore) until I find a more modern one that meets my needs and budget.

I will not give up. I can't. I won't! Design will rule this Master Bath one day. And until it does, I will wash my face and brush my teeth without looking in a mirror. If you see me walking my little to school with more zit cream still on my face, you now know why! xo
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