Forever February: Little Valentines

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I gots me a little thang for arrows; so when i saw the above free download on Sweet Muffin Suite I was over the top excited about doing this for my little's Valentine's. Simply print, cut, slice and add a pencil from the Dollar Tree. Bam! One seriously super bangin' valentine.

Here's how mine turned out:
(sorry for the hipstamatic action...I got these done late last night.)

Then I saw these little numbers on MPMK and knew I had to do a variation of it!

Add a little of this into the mix...

And BOOM! You get a little of this...
These little dinos were being suffocated at the bottom of my littles' toy bin so I rescued them, gave them a coat of gold spray paint and attached them to Dollar Tree paper explosions.

I'm well aware that the littles should be the ones making all their valentine's, but I was having so much fun! Besides, I need a little fun right now and my sweet friend Kristen took my boys for the entire afternoon! (I know, God has blessed me with amazing friends.) Laundry and Operation Valentine were calling my name. Who am I to shun the call? xo
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