Around the House: Garden Prep

Monday, March 5, 2012

garden via (No, that's not me... dare to dream though, right? that garden is fab.)

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend? Ours was full of yard work, friends and sports (of the little variety). The hubs and I have been talking about planting a garden of our own for years. Something for the whole family to do together. Today I'm excited to report that the prep work is near complete and now we just need to plant our seeds and seedlings using this little helpful tool.

I'm so proud of my sweet hubs. Our backyard slopes quite a bit, but he managed to get this baby level. Gotta say, my man impresses me with his handyman skills all the time. I don't know why I ever doubt him.

 (our wood was purchased from two different retailers, hence the different colors - the hubs was bummed about that. who cares? I say. It's not like the veggies won't grow because the wood doesn't match.)

That was Saturday. Sunday, we moved to the front yard. Our huge bushes needed a trim and all the leaves needed to be pulled from the flower beds. As the hubs started whacking the bushes - all Edward Scissorhands style - something kept moving in the bush. He told me it was a rat. I didn't laugh.
I thought it was a little lizard - they're everywhere around our house, but then something flew out of the bush and the hubs found this...
So sweet right? The Mama bird kept flying back to check on her babies. I was near tears, telling her that we wouldn't harm them and that we'd put them right back once the bush was trimmed. The hubs sarcastically reminded me that birds don't speak English. Uggh... Once "Edward" put the hedge clippers away, we put the little nest back in our bush. I'm praying the Mama comes back and cares for her sweet babies. The nest is right outside our dining room window. How cool would it be to get a front row seat to hatching eggs? You know I'm gonna be sayin' prayers for those eggs right? xo
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