Weekly Challenge: Celebrating "Normal"

Friday, March 2, 2012

I don't know that life will ever really be "normal" again. After hearing, "You're Dad has Leukemia." things kinda change, forever.  But last Friday he was released from the hospital after his first round of chemo and my Mom, who was staying with us while Dad was in the hospital, went home too. I think everyone in our family was happy to have some sense of normalcy return, if even only for a little while.


celebrated 3 birthdays back to back - Nephew, Papa Dude and Ma.

played a make up soccer game - Go Hornets!

had playdates.

gave our marriage testimony at ReEngage.

enjoyed day after day of 70+ degrees.

cooked, cleaned and did laundry.

Yup, that's about as "normal" as it gets. I hope your weekend is full of memorable "normals". xo
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