5 Creative Date Nights...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Let's face it, we need date nights. They truly do make marriages stronger. But once littles get added to the mix, date nights go from every weekend to once a month - if we're lucky. Add in the cost of a sitter and suddenly the importance we place on date nights dwindles even more. Suddenly a night out that includes dinner and a movie goes from $50 to $100. WHAAAAT? That is just sooo not in our budget.

Yes, there are creative date nights that don't require you spending a dime, aside from the sitter. But what happens when you move to a new city and don't know anyone that you can trust with your little? Or when your sitter cancels at the last minute? Etc.  The hubs and I have found that date nights can actually be had without a sitter!  Here's how...

1. Family Dining with Playscapes.  Chick-fil-A - I know, it's not glamorous at all; but it's completely possible to have some good chuckles and quality time with your man while your littles romp in the play zone. Think one hand spun milkshake - 2 straws.  Ikea - Again, not glamorous. But they really do have something amazing to offer date starved couples- Smaland. Check your kids in for an hour of play while you and the hubs go upstairs for dinner or coffee. (*note - your littles have to be a certain height to play)
2. Fort nights - Once the littles are in bed, you and the hubs make the perfect fort (indoors or outside) for a night of cuddles, dessert and card games.
drive-in via oh hello friend
3. Drive-in movie - Who says you have to leave your driveway for the perfect date? Travel DVD players can turn any driveway into a drive-in theatre. Pop some popcorn, grab his favorite treats and some pillows/blankets... instant theatre. When was the last time you made out with your hubs in the car?

4. Separate tables - Go to your favorite (kid-friendly) restaurant and grab two tables side by side. You and the hubs sit at one while the littles sit at the other. The key here is to pack a toy bag filled with goodies. My MIL Julia taught me this one and it's probably one of the best parenting tips I've ever received. I always have a toy bag packed with small thrift store toys or fun games that keep them entertained. I rotate the toys so they don't get "stale."
picnic via we heart it
5. Picnic in the park - Enjoy a family dinner and then set the littles loose. Bring bubbles, scooters and flashlights (for a fun game of tag once it's dark). While the littles play, you and your man get to chat, play games and snuggle on the blanket.

I know - these aren't the hottest dates ever. In fact most of them don't even require lipstick, but you make the most with what you have. The most important thing is that you make your marriage a priority. Any time you make the effort to pour into your spouse or your marriage it makes the relationship stronger. Go ahead - fill up your love bank while keeping some money in your pocket! xo
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