Around the House: Staging for our Open House

Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Monday! Yeah, it's here again. Over the weekend, the hubs and I did our first ever open house. Uh-huh...we're selling. And here's the crazy insane part - we're trying to go it alone. No realtor. To get things ready for our first showing and then the open house, we did a TON of work. Painting, cleaning, staging and a ton more. The room that needed the most staging help was my husband's office (my old craft room). He's creative, so he's messy.  

We started by packing up all my fabric and cutting table that had been sharing space with the hub's office.  Next up, bringing in a new desk and moving my computer back in. (I can't count how many iterations this room has seen.) Then the decorating began. This is the fun part.

A new rug, lots of light, and an inspiration board.

Mirror above the dresser makes the room look bigger.

I have to say, I'm loving having my desk in the hub's office with the white lamp and all the space. A girl could get used to this. xo
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