Tuesday, May 1, 2012

There's power in that simple little number. A mere three letters with big impact. Lately I've been thinking a lot about the number one because it is impacting me greatly right now. I find it ironic that "one" can be both good and bad. It can leave such a mark in your life.

We are in the process of buying a new house - it was the one.

We are trying to sell our house right now - we just need one buyer. (Major emotional roller coaster.)

One compliment can have you flying high all day long.

Losing just one reader really hurts. It shouldn't, but it does.

My husband was, is and always will be the one.

One more minute can seem like an eternity, especially when you're three... or six... or 39.

I have one voice, it's my job to make it heard.

Being hurt by one person can be just as impactful as the one compliment, but it usually lingers much longer.

I have One Savior.


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