Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Hunger, Jobless, Underprivledged

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Last summer I had the privilege of meeting (on line) an amazing woman. Christie Magera is transforming lives through a ministry called Ekubo Ministries. I met Christie through her blog, Compass in my Heart, and was so impressed by her story and the work she was doing in Uganda. It's insane how many lives Christie has touched through her obedience to Christ. She and her husband George are now empowering women, loving and caring for families and so much more through Ekubo.

Ekubo Ministries exists to love, care, and support those in need, and to empower and assist the underprivileged to achieve sustainable development, education, and autonomy. I thought today we could put our mission of reducing, reusing and recycling to work for others through shopping the awesome goods that the ladies empowered through Ekubo make by hand.

For your home...

For you...

Seriously amazing products and ministry right? Now go... go shop. With the help of your dollars, the ladies that made these items, and more, will have the funds to purchase more supplies and make more amazing product. Please be patient with your shopping experience (facebook/paypal) as this is a grassroots effort. xo
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