Around the House: Spring Patio

Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Monday friends. I have to be honest and tell you that in the midst of writing this I'm a little blah... There's a lot going on right now that I can hopefully talk more about later. For now, I'll simply share that it's got me feeling a bit like I'm riding a roller coaster. I'm currently in the descent part, where your stomach drops and you feel like you just might puke but you know in the end, the ride will be worth it. 

On to happier discussions... Last week I cleaned out my Sanford and Son patio. It had been a state of disaster for far too long. A bunch of stuff was put out on the front lawn for others to take (all of it gone in less than a day - woot!); the rest was organized and neatly tucked away.

Below is my new favorite spot. It's in the shade, the chair rocks and swivels, not to mention the fact that I have a little table to rest my morning cup o' coffee. I scored the chair over 2 years ago at a garage sale for $10.00. Sadly, it sat on the back patio with no cushion and no love. After a quick trip to Home Goods (PS I love that store), I found the black cushion for under $40. Now it's one of the best seats in or around our house, getting lots of love from me and my littles.

After finally finishing the two-seater bench and cleaning up the table, we now have a place to eat outside.
The entire patio makeover took me all day to clean and arrange, but the end results make the whole family very happy. The hubs even said, "that's the best the patio has looked since we moved in." I couldn't agree more. Can I get three cheers for thrifty makeovers that make big impacts? Hip hip hooray. Hip hip hooray. Hip hip hooray! xo
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