Crafty Organization

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sometimes you buy things at estate sales because 1. you're drawn to them and/or 2. they're cheap. I purchased the above tool box because I loved the color and it had just the right amount of character. Once it was home with me, I cleaned it up a bit, added some plastic dividers and turned it into a craft box for my littles. From pom pom and scissors to glue sticks and markers, this tray holds all their crafty bits and keeps them organized (with a little help from mom in the clean up process.)

Here are a few other solutions to help you keep the craft clutter under control...
glass jars via etsy (maybe i'll graduate to glass in a few years)

stamp storage via hand make my day

glue tray via bea organized
marker storage via my c.a.s.e. studies

Simple and effective organization makes me oh so happy. Go get your organize on! xo
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