Craft Beads and a Warning.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

As long as Pinterest is going to remain so insanely addictive, I might as well get all that I can out of it right?  I saw the above color bead ditty on Pinterest a while back and wondered if it would really keep my youngest's attention for more than 5 seconds. Guess what?  It did! I nearly fell on the floor in shock. 

Not only did it keep his attention and make him giggle a time or two, but my oldest had fun with it too. He liked sorting the colors best. I should, however, warn each and every one of you that this craft should not be attempted without adult supervision. I overheard the following conversation between my littles as they played with the beads and I got ready for dinner with friends.

Liam: Look. Look Jude! It's up therwe.

Jude: Can you still breathe?

Liam: Yeah.

Jude: Oh. Good.

Me: Wait. What?! Did I just hear what I think I heard?

Jude: What?

Me: Liam. Did you stick a bead up your nose?

Liam: (with finger inserted deeply into nostril...) yeah?. 

Me: Come here. (I plug one side of his nose.) BLOW!

Liam: What? Ahhh. Is it still in therwe? I'm sorwee Mommy. Weely I am. I weely am. (Saying all of this as he sucks IN.)

Me: Liam! Don't suck in! ADAM!!!!! BABE???! HELP!!!!!

We blow and blow, and by now I am quite sure that a trip to the emergency room is needed. Then the hubs comes into the room with tweezers. What? Oh geeze. Unfortunately, the bead was too far up his nose to retrieve. (Pretty sure the fact that he was poking his brain with his finger earlier had a little something to do with that.) Finally my little gives it one more fierce, powerful blow and shoots the tiny purple plastic culprit across the room! When we find it... it has a slimy friend attached. The tears instantly dry up and laughter ensues.  I call my friend, tell her we're finally on our way and that I need a glass of wine!

You've been officially warned homies. xo

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