Mommy Style: Spring Accessory DIY

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Over the last 8 or 9 years, the one accessory staple that you can pretty much guarantee I'll be wearing is a scarf. Well, that and my sunglesses... but anyway, I digress.  I love scarves. They are affordable, colorful, chic and they keep my giraffe neck (it's insanely long) warm in the cooler months. 

When I spotted the one below on Lucy Laucht and saw that it was from the Gap, I was stoked. Until I went to their website in hopes of scoring one just like it. The scarf was nowhere to be found. (Insert sad face here.) It's times like this that I'm super grateful for deciding to take sewing 101 in college and pledging to myself that I wouldn't skip a single class.
scarf via Lucy Laucht

Materials needed:
long scrap fabric (or a scarf from your closet)
fuzzy ball trim
sewing machine (you could hand-sew this trim to your scarf if you don't have a machine)

My MIL sent me this fabric from an estate sale in Iowa. I've held onto it for a while waiting for the perfect project. It's a silky fabric and after hand-washing and drying it, all these lovely little crinkles came to life - kinda like a seer-sucker fabric.
I picked up 1.5 yards of trim at my local fabric store, cut it in half and stitched it to the ends of my rectangle fabric. (I've got a thing for pink right now.)

My pink fuzzy balls are slightly larger than the one Lucy has, so if I start feeling like it's a little too busy, I may cut off every other one. But for now, I'm quite happy with how she turned out. Not a bad little Spring accessory for under $3.00. xo
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