Color Crazy

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ever since Miss Jan posted about pastel hair color over on Poppytalk, I've been dreaming I had blonde hair or girls to play dress-up with. I have neither. But, I do have a dear friend with two girls and my boys have blonde hair. Uh-huh...things just got interesting. And really fun!
 (this crazy girl needed some color in her hair to match that tongue)

 (for darker hair, we used white first then followed with an intense color)

We used oil pastels because that's all we had on hand (and we were itchin' to play), but next time we'll use soft pastels or Kool-Aid, for a longer lasting effect. My youngest is sooo funny; since having color put in his hair last week, he keeps asking for new colors. No washes out easy peasy. Dang it, I wish my hair wasn't so dark. I may just have to dye the tips. Is that too much for someone who's almost 40? Who cares?! It's Summer and I'm sure as heck not gettin' any younger! xo
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