Weekly Challenge: Enjoy the Little Loves

Friday, May 4, 2012

Wahoo!  It's Friday! I can't tell you how thrilled I am. This has been a pretty rough and emotional week for me. In the midst of my emotional roller coaster I challenged myself to enjoy the little loves in life. You know, the things that mean pretty much nothing but make you smile - a lot.  This week I found several little loves.

1. My new favorite hairstyle. For years, I have been trying to find something to do with my vintage scarf collection. the bonus...I don't have to style my hair at all, especially those pesky bangs.

2. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Seriously, why am I so new to this? While cleaning our house for our first showing, I used it all over the kitchen. The hubs even used it on some pretty major scratches that covered the corners of our washer/dryer. Scuffs and dirt be gone! Poof! This baby is legit. 

3. My new Payless sandals. Mmm hmm, I said, "Payless." And under $20.00 too. I got the brown and black - BOGO. Lovey. Love.

4. L'oreal "fairest nude" colour riche lipstick #800. Oh my, this is the perfect summer color for me.

5. Marvelous mint tissue paper from the Dollar Tree, for all things gifted and maybe a tassle/fringe banner.

See? These things aren't major, but they sure lifted my spirits. Happy Weekend. Let's celebrate! xo
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