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Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Monday! Today I wanted to share a little design compromise with you guys. My hubs is simplistic. We're talkin' grey, navy, brown t-shirts, with cargo shorts and pumas kind of simplistic. His wardrobe matches his design philosophy - clean lines and neutral colors. The more stark and modern, the better. This, as you know, is so not me. I love industrial, eclectic, modern, vintage and everything in between - all rolled into one. With a bit of color injected via accessories. So how do two vastly different design aesthetics marry harmoniously? Very carefully and with a lot of give and take. We're getting there... I think.

He loves the clean lines of the stacked white tile above. I love the knobs, hooks (from Hobby Lobby, kid you not) and lighting (West Elm) seen above. He picked out the faucet and we agreed on the Hemnes vanity from Ikea. (Which may or may not work with the sink we want...sigh of frustration inserted here.) Then I'll be adding estate sale finds and other eclectic bits and bobs...
bathmat via target to get my eclectic needs met (ha!)
Like marriage, design is give and take in order to make both parties happy. Then the lady comes in and adds a bit of inexpensive flare that the hubs gracefully accepts, knowing she craves a bit o' spice. Ahhh...happily. ever. after. xo


  1. give and take indeed.
    thinking of you and so thankful for your miracle summer housing! all the best in picking out the details like bathmats and knobs.

    ps: the kids are watching nappy macphee returns and the little boy looks just like your boys!

  2. we are redoing our guest bath right now! it is totally gutted...but I have the white subway tile on order, gray grout, recycled pine mirror, I'll paint the vanity.....still looking for a sink top {so if you have any ideas please tell me}, and I am totally digging the west elm lighting! this mixture you have created!

  3. thanks friend! We found our subway tile at Habitat Restore for $9.00 a box! Woot. Good luck on your remodel. Can't wait to compare notes. xo


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