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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

All of our stuff is currently packed away in boxes, stacked up high in our garage as we remodel our new home. Since we're kickin' it at our summer home, we are making play time and craft time work with the limited resources we have on hand. And yes, I am currently praising God for Pinterest. I found a great "car wash" activity for the boys to do outside before it gets so hot that we're forced inside. It was a rough start, but they eventually got into it...

I'm also currently loving the $5.99 hex bug that I refused to buy for weeks before realizing it's many adaptable applications: 

tickle bug
race bug
travel bug
down right entertaining bug
Why, oh why, did I fight this little gem for so long? My boys love them! And once they saw how cool they could be inside a track (constructed by their ever so clever Mommy) they played for about an hour non-stop! In my book, that's a win. Big win.

If you're wondering why on earth I've posted so many hipstamatic images lately - well, my camera cord got packed away too. I have no way of downloading images to my computer, so I'm having to make it work as well using only my iphone for photos. Talk about bugs...that one is super annoying. Oh well. I'll be back with Part 2 of Making It Work tomorrow. A special RRR art edition. xo


  1. hex bugs are so fun...until it is t ime to replace the batteries! our jude loves them and plays with all the time!

  2. Girl, don't get me started on batteries... xo


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