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Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's no secret how much I love the above bathroom (are you on bathroom overloaded yet?)...but when I went on the hunt to find the pulls for this vanity (and I found them - woot!), I was blown away by Colonial Bronze. What the? If I had just heard the name, I would have never even given them a glance. But, oh baby, am I glad I did. Look at this goodness...

I mean seriously. Could you die? They are so beautiful. The top two are my absolute faves. They would look so amazing on a rustic wood piece or a black dresser for a little added glam. They're so 1920's amazing that I'm kinda drooling all over my keyboard. Are you with me on this? By the way, would you mix silver and brass/gold in a bathroom or bedroom? Like in these kitchens?
metal mix in kitchen via viva full house

art deco via home depot
And, am I alone in thinking how absolutely dead sexy one of the above sconce would be in a bedroom with dark walls... like the ones below?  Who's with me?
dark bedroom via tumblr
navy walls via apartment therapy
(i know i've shown this bedroom before, but it haunts me... in a good way)

Brass... me lovely. It's time to bring it back, full force. Right? It just looks so fresh with black, navy and wood. Love it or hate it? Mix your metals? xo


  1. I am a huge fan of brass--looks amazing with navy. We painted van duesen blue in our living room recently..looking forward to your remodel projects!

  2. it! I'm thinking of repainting our tv cabinet navy or dark teal and pairing it with some brassy pulls...

  3. Julia - i'd love to see a pic of your blue living room and find out who makes the paint. didn't find it on your blog...but that doesn't mean it's not there - two littles are running around my desk screaming right now. xo

    Alli! - DO IT and then please post on your blog for all of us Hooray fans to gawk over! xo

  4. sure thing!

    Its a benjamin moore color. very happy with it!

    here were a few of my other picks:

  5. you are so SPOT ON!

    I would totally mix metals and think it is everything about this post.....oh...and the sconce on a dark wall would be perfection. Super sexy you sexy beast!


  6. bah ha ha ha. you always make me laugh Barb. xo


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