Weekly Challenge: Endure

Friday, June 29, 2012

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Friends. If you don't live in Texas right now consider yourself blessed. It's hot. Really. Stinkin'. Hot. This week my littles and I did all that we could to endure the heat and prevent our skin from melting off our bodies. The north has their snow and quilting and the south - well, we have our extremely HOT summers and lakes. When I was younger, I preferred the heat, but when you have littles to entertain and no pool... Here's how we survived our week - skin intact.

Cotton - lots of breathable cotton
Mooching - lots of mooching off friends and family with pools
Messy high-buns
Bug spray - loads and loads of bug spray
Indoor games
Legos and Playmobil
Water. Water. Water.

This weekend we'll go to my sister's lake house. I'm so excited! Canoes, fishing, donuts, dock-diving, boating and lots of floating in the water. It is truly the Texas way to endure summer. Happy Weekend homies! xo

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