That Southwestern Feelin'

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

rug image via montmarte

A little worn. A bit tattered around the edges. Faded color. A touch of fringe. Everything southwestern is on my radar lately. It's so fresh and pairs nicely with the industrial look. I'm smitten. Do you think it's possible to take that thrifted rug above and turn it into an outfit? Let's do it...

cream sparkle & fringe top -thrifted, denim shorts -thrifted, sandals -payless

thrifted bone and beaded earrings make the outfit with their hints of rust and navy (i'm wearing these with everything right now)
What about you? Are you loving all the southwestern prints out there? xo


  1. now I am going to Payless to buy those sandals....and if you find your earrings missing it is because I stole them! Cutie batootie!...and I LOVE the rug and am feeling the southwest love a s will see glimmers of it in the new shop:} Woot!

  2. girl...I knew we were separated at birth! xo

  3. O brilliant! I love the top.. and the sandals.. wait, I just love the whole thing! (and I'm glad you've got comments back up - you didn't for a bit right?) Hugs, and have a super blessed day :)


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