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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

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I feel like it would only be fair for me to start this post with a confession. I rarely wear makeup. I just don't have the time. But I do love me some pretty colors. My beauty regimen generally consists of lotion (Oil of Olay Sensitive Skin with SPF) and cherry Chapstick. So yeah, I know...I'm hardly the person to be reporting on this, but looking your best without spending a lot of cash - this I know.

Hair: I believe the best thing you can do for your hair is to wash it every other day (at the most) and let it air dry. I put just a little Frizz-ease in it to control my naturally curly hair frizzies and either put it up in a pony or set my bangs and go to bed with it damp. How do I know this is good for your hair? My stylist (whom I see 2-3 times a year) asked me how I keep my hair so healthy without seeing often for trims. When I told her I rarely if ever dry it...she said that explained it. Not only is it good for your hair, you aren't spending a lot of products!

Now, hair may very well be where I am my cheapest. Honestly. I let it grow long because I hate spending money on cuts. The bangs I trim myself between cuts. There are about a million and one youtube videos that can show you how. If you don't dare put scissors to your own head, did you know that most salons offer free bang trims between cuts? Ask your stylist if you aren't already getting this hook-up. You can also save by asking your stylist for a cut only and style it yourself at the salon. Many salons now have client styling stations and that can knockoff 10-15 bucks each time you get your lid trimmed.

Last hair tip - barter, barter, barter. If you have any unique skill/hobby like photography, sewing, decorating or crafting, ask your stylist if they would consider a barter. I rarely pay for cuts, color or teeth cleaning for that matter. Bartering is more widely accepted than you'd think.

Makeup: Drugstores and Bed, Bath and Beyond are my favorite stops for beauty products. Crazy right? While others are spending gobs of money at Sephora and department stores, I'm going to the stores that offer 2 for 1 specials on L'Oreal and Maybelline or send coupons in the mail! But just because these products don't cost a fortune doesn't mean they aren't good. Yes, I've used Stila, Benefit, Georgio Armani, Chanel and Bobby Brown, and I admit that they are a delight and last a long time. But, I've also heard that you should toss your makeup after a certain amount of time. I don't care how old my eye shadow is, if I've spent over $25, I ain't tossin' it. Ever. Just sayin'.
Some of my fave drugstore finds:
BareMinerals powder (I can't skimp on my skin or I'll break out like a 13 year old)
For fun trendy colors on lips and toes, I've just recently found NYC. They're the shiz. My new favorite toe color is Lincoln Square Lavender. It's just the right does of summer pop and pastel goodness.

My secret beauty weapon??? Wait for it....Avon. Uh-huh, ding dong. Avon calling. Not only do they have great skincare and tried and true amkeup, they have a more contemporary line called Mark. that just rocks. It's fresh, has great colors and super fun products. Honestly, Avon has the absolute most densely pigmented eyecolor I've ever used. I purchased some for my wedding over 9 years ago and haven't found anything better since. Plus they have Skin So Soft mesquito repellent that doesn't smell like toxic waste. And, they'll still come to your home if you so desire. Woot.

Summer Color in a Bottle: Here's the deal, I'm an old geezer who isn't getting any younger. I need to protect my skin from the sun and reduce any sign of golf ball dimples, so I use Jergens natural Glow. Awesome color with a decent smell. And it's affordable!
So, now you hate me for wasting your time on a post that really didn't offer up much, right? But when's the last time you shopped Avon, or Walgreens for your beauty needs? Or bartered for a cut and color? All offer a big bang (pardon the pun) with little impact to your wallet. Besides, who doesn't like getting two mascaras for the price of one? Not me!

PS - if you want a good beauty trama laugh, head over to Joy's Hope! This lady makes me pee my pants. Fo' realz.

Now cough up the goods... What's your favorite beauty secret? xo


  1. I wash my hair every other day (at the most)! The bit of dirt helps with the styling lol.. I love Revlon nail polishes; they go on so smooth and easy.

  2. I love to get stuff (mascara, Oil of Olay lotions, etc) at Costco. I usually wait until they have the item in their coupon book.

  3. Ohhhh, thanks for the tips ladies! Love it.

    I also love when others are talking about the same thing as me. Miss Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom just did a budget friendly beauty post over on Babble. Check it for some great tips!

  4. Coconut Oil. Find in the grocery aisles at your grocery store. It is a great eye makeup remover. Can also be rubbed onto wrinkles, dry heels, elbows, etc. One jar for about $9 will last a LONG time!

  5. Hey girl!

    I love that mascara, Loreal lipgloss, Neutrogena anti-wrinkle stuff and Oil of Olay anything.

    Joy's Hope is hilarious!!

  6. Shon - I know right? Miss Joy makes me laugh - hard! and PS - pretty sure you don't own a single wrinkle. that is all! xo

  7. I dont have many beauty secrets but one is shaving with hair conditioner instead of soap or shaving cream. You only have to use a little bit for each leg, its way cheaper than shaving cream and leaves your legs super smooth!

  8. ooooh, Rach - that's a good one. Thanks!


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