Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Cans Without the Ouch!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

image via shelterness

I love a good can DIY. Plants, pens, pencils, candles, silverware... these babies can pretty much hold it all. The question is - how do you utilize cans without slicing your fingers or your littles' fingers? Solution: use the right can opener. Seems simple enough huh, but I just figured this one out. 

The Good Cook safe cut can opener is pure heaven. Not only does it cut easily and smoothly; it provides just the right amount of smooth rounded edge for holding anything and everything. Yup, no slicing your fingertips anymore. No rough, jagged edges on the inside rim. This baby rocks it. Now you can make some of these lovelies...
black and white via uruguay-az
candle holder/table marker via 100layer cake
may baskets/vases via martha

The best part, the Good Cook can opener is under $20.00 and you'll save millions in band-aid costs! For the record, I wasn't paid to promote Good Cook; I just stumbled onto this kitchen tool of perfection while at our summer home. And yeah, I'm totally buying one for our house once we're all moved in. xo

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