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Thursday, July 26, 2012

You know you really love something when you buy almost 2 identical items - large and small versions. The necklace on the left I've had for several years - love it. I scored it at my beloved Thrift Town for just a few bucks. The necklace on the right I made. The little crescent piece was sitting all alone in a 25 cent bin at a shop I frequent down the street from me. I had no idea what I would do with it, but for 25 cents... who cares right? A couple of weeks after I bought it, I added two gold jump-rings to each side and then stranded a gold chain through it. Boom - a new necklace for all of $0.25. I wear it all the time and get loads of compliments. Just goes to show you that a little imagination can take you a long way.

Do you have any favorite jewelry pieces? xo

PS - tomorrow is Friday and no one has sent me anything to share for Fabulous Finds Friday. Really? None of you have scored a single tiny treasure? Come on...sharing means caring!


  1. eep, how brilliant! I actually prefer the necklace you made :)
    Fabulous Finds huh? does Earthbound Spring Mix salad count?

  2. i've seen the small one in action- outfit pic or neck shot requested of the chunky one. i know you rock it like a baller :)


  3. Bik Bik - thanks friend! xo

    Alli - girl, you know it. Baller!!!!! lol (xo)


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