Fabulous Finds Friday: Mid-Century Goodness

Friday, July 27, 2012

Woot!  It's Friday. And just when I thought I would have nothing to post, my friend Rachel swooped in and saved the day with some mid-century goodness.

What happens when your receive a free table that needs some work? You take it! Did you hear me say the beautiful F word - FREE?! My friends Rachel and Eddy scored an awesome mid-century dining table for f.r.e.e. that needed a dose of TLC. Eddy lovingly stripped and sanded her. Next comes a soothing coat of stain. This gorgeous table will be a stunner for years to come.  Well done you guys. I have to admit in my hacking and cutting corner ways, I would have probably just slapped a bit of polish on her and called it a day. This is soooo much better. It's official Eddy, I'm bringing all my pieces to you for sanding.

I scored a little mid-century (probably a wanna be mid-century - truth be told) at Thrift Town this week thanks to my MIL. At $75.00 I passed, but when my MIL called and said, "your furniture piece is still here and it's 25% off. Well... you had me at discount. 
This sucker may be particle board, but she's from Gabbert's, ways a freakin' TON and will store our books quite nicely for quite some time. She's got a few bumps and bruises, but at $53 and some change, we'll call those character marks.

Oh, I also found a hideous paint by number that I couldn't pass up. It was marked $4.99, but when I got the the register, it was half-off! Awwww-yeaaaahhh.
So hideous it has the potential to be good right? Besides, what's not to love about an angel protecting two littles on a rickety bridge? Happy Weekend and Happy Thrifting.

How do you feel about paint by numbers? Love or hate?

PS - We can't play this game every Friday if you guys don't send me pics. Come on...send me your finds! xo


  1. I TOTALLY hated paint-by-numbers until I discovered Trey Speegle, an artist who uses vintage ones and completely re-imagines them. His stuff is even at Anthropolgie! I'd highly recommend checking him out :)

  2. Oh my gosh - Sara - i love his work. It's exactly what I was thinking of doing when i saw this silly paint by numbers! ha ha ha. Thanks for sharing girlie. xo


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