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Friday, July 20, 2012

Oh yeah, it's Friday again! In my online life I'm very happy about this because I get to share some fab finds from Julia of Life on Churchill. In my real life, I'm kinda sad because things are moving so quickly and we have so much to do. We are scheduled to move out of our "summer house" and into our new house next Friday! The second floor demo hasn't even begun (city government red tape!) and our furniture is piled high in every room except the right rooms. Much organizing to be done. Plus, we will have one working sink (at the back of the house) and NO kitchen. Ahhh - the joys of home remodeling. I am so very grateful that we have been blessed with this opportunity and challenge - full reliance on Him. Now, onto happy, thrifty goodness...

Julia of Life on Churchill sent me one vintage toy fab find and one vintage DIY that is a dose of color joy!
schoolhouse rock for under $8.00 including desks, teacher, students and playground items!
a dresser scored for $10 was transformed into an awesome pink toy-storage bin. love it. well done julia. see the before and after transformation process here.

Okay, Julia stepped up to the plate. Who's next?  I know you have treasures in your home that need to be shared with the world. Let's see them and show others just how fun and bountiful thrifting can be. I recently scored a porcelain rabbit head ($2.99) to mount on the wall of my new home. Can't wait to find just the right wall.

Does sanding, priming and painting a vintage piece scare you to the point of walking away from a good deal, or does it make your heart beat wildly?
Happy Fabulous Friday homies. xo


  1. This made my day, thank you brooke for sharing our finds! I look forward to seeing more thrifted treasures next week..I hope your move goes smoothly!

  2. I scored an old brass chandy from a friend's rental property that I painted and refurbed for my daughter's room. I will post pics on my blog once we hang it.

  3. J'adooore! I find the smell of latex very exciting (paint that is...)

    Bonne chance with the moving and have fun with the remodeling.

  4. Julia - thanks for letting me share your scores!

    Amy - thanks for encouraging Julia.

    Rach - me too...sometimes.

    Shon - let's see it baby!

    Louise - Friend! i have missed ya, thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement in the moving process. We got lots done and I am thrilled. xo


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