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Monday, July 23, 2012

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Blue. Blue. Blue. Not that I had a bad weekend, it was actually great. We got loads done. (Thank you community group of wonderful angels.) I just can't get my navy blue bedroom walls out of my head. They are dead sexy. Let me say it again, Dead. Sexy. Even the hubs has come around - saying, and I quote, "You did a good job on the walls babe. Nice." Uh - huh. That friends is a major win. Now I am once again on the carpet hunt. I have a feeling it will be a while before I  get to purchase anything for this room, but a girl can dream and scheme. Right?

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Hello pretty, creamy neutrals that make me dream of all things cozy. Pretty sure my capiz light hanging will have to go in our bedroom for a nice warm glow. I'm gonna love mixing things around and re-appropriating pieces. This. Is. Getting. Exciting. 

How about you? What makes you dream of all things cozy? xo


  1. Dead. Sexy. You are right my friend. What shade did you use? I was going to paint the master bedroom in our place grey, but I think I need more sexy. Especially in the master bedroom!

    Glad you're having fun.


  2. can't wait to see the navy walls. we had dark teal/greyish walls for a few years in our bedroom, paired with white dreamy until one day i had enough and headed in the opposite direction with super light colored walls. i miss those dark walls though!

  3. dead sexy indeed! when can i see pics? love the idea of blue walls- xo!

  4. Margie - we used a Behr: Rain Storm. love it.

    Nicole - oohhh...nice. I bet I get sick of them within a few years and repaint too. but it's so fun for now.

    Alli - soon love. soon. xoxoxo


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