Tuesday, July 24, 2012

image via stil inspiration
on twitter.
good at the social media gig.
very funny. (even though i think i am.)
writing anything profound.
a fashionista.
doing the "blog thing" to bring glory to myself.
good at crafting.
hoping to make my blog a career.

I AM...

a sinner saved by grace that loves family, friends, laughter and lovely things. this is my little blog that will likely stay little. i don't plan on getting advertisers or doing giveaways. i write this blog because i love it. getting to meet new people and making new friends is better than a cup of coffee on a crisp winter day. i love inspiring others and showing just how beautiful life is - even when you can't get your chin up out of the mustard. pretty things make me happy - from driftwood to black diamonds. i get flustered at the thought of all the social media out there and just how many places "i should be." my wardrobe is simple and my hairstyles even more so. i can not compete with the fashion bloggers or design bloggers - so i have decided to stop trying and just be me. content. my faith and my family are my life. and though i long to reach many with pure and noble, i just don't have it in me to bust balls in hopes of being popular on the web. so i remain small, without much flair, dedicated to the things i love. just thought you should know. xo


  1. Wow! Well said, my friend! Pure and Simple, Pure and Noble!

    Thank you for sharing my exact sentiments....

    Blessings for a great week! Continue to live out loud for HIM!

  2. You inspire me! To look at the beauty of the simple things, both object "things" and activity "things." To be creative. To trust my community around me, to accept help and to ask for it. To remember that a home is about the spiritual/ emotional environment, not about the house. Keep up the great work and know that you are reaching more people than you think!

  3. :) Thiis is beautiful and admirable. Appreciate how genuine your blog is.

  4. Wow, thanks ladies. I so appreciate your kind words. You have no idea. When you put yourself out there, you just hope an pray that someone understands and your not the only one with their skirt lifted high, baring it all! ha ha ha xo

  5. this is thought provoking. I've often struggled with this exact thing, so its really good to hear your perspective. blogs with lots of give aways bother me--I don't know why. except that I don't like mary kay + tupperware parties either. So maybe there's a link. Anyway, thanks for sharing your heart!

  6. And this is why I love you! :)

  7. Probably my most favorite of all your blogs...very self defining - to remind who you are, and who you aren't. I enjoy your blog every morning over a cup of coffee..just after devotions. Thank you - for exactly what you write.

  8. Again, I'm blown away by your support ladies. Thanks so much. I just adore all of you.

    Moriah - love you too girl! xo

  9. you have a great blog, i just tripped over it and have been on it for 20 minutes - i appreciate what you said in this post (and others too) - thank you!

  10. I love this. Thanks for keeping it real and as always, inspiring me. xo

  11. I love your little blog ... I visit it practically everyday! Your down to earth and sincere and I never leave feeling inadequate, which many of those 'big' blogs can do.

    Thanks for being you!


  12. S. Collier - wow, thanks so much! so glad you found pure and noble and like what you see! xo

    Nicole! - thanks friend! You push me to be a better me. xo

    Margie - thank you sweetie. may I never get too "big" for my britches no matter what. xoxo


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