Weekly Challenge: Find a RUG Already!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Cement floors. They adorn every room of our new home. Me lovey. What I don't love is the cost of rugs and the absolute beating of finding something both beautiful and affordable to soften the hardness of said cement floors. We are on a seriously tight budget and finding a decent rug has been pretty much all consuming. We are looking for a biggie - 9x12 at least. And just when I thought I had found a good deal on a jute rug, West Elm let me down. Big Time. They were boasting their rugs at 20% off, so I decided to bite the bullet and buy a jute in hopes of one day layering something lovely on top like the amazing image above. I drive 30 minutes to West Elm to pick up lights and the rug...fail! They don't carry sconces in store (plus the ones I want are now back ordered - frustrating) and the only rug color that was on sale, in the jute I wanted, was dark brown. Not. Gonna. Work. Frustrated beyond belief, I went to Potbelly and drowned my sorrows in a chicken salad sandwich (with hot peppers - the only way to roll) and one of their infamous sugar cookies. Better.
i would love a rug like this on our dark cement floors, but hello pricey!

Seriously, am I going to have to spend $500 on a rug? A jute rug? Really? I'm super close to ordering the one from West Elm online, but here's the thing that ticks me off - I have to pay both taxes and shipping since they have a store in my state. Why should I have to pay taxes simply because they have a store here IF the store doesn't ever carry the size I want. Seems pretty lame if you ask me. So, back to Overstock I go...I think.
love the fringe - only goes up to 8x10 - ugghh
find this lovely - right size - sold out! bummer

I think I may have found one without the fringe for a good price. Now on to find something stunning (that the hubs will agree on) at a good price. Think I'm gonna have to wait till Round Top for that. Where, oh where, do you guys find your rugs? Help! Oh, and happy weekend. xo


  1. Have you tried Lowe's or Home Depot? I found a large jute rug a couple of years ago in the outdoor living area (Yes, the outdoor area)of Lowe's. Very affordable and durable.
    Also, you might check at a carpet store for a remnant that you like. You can have the edges bound for not much money (if the store can't do it, they can usually tell you where to have it done).

  2. I know, we don't have many rugs at our house because they are so expensive. And I've run into that at West Elm too--we were looking at a bedframe and overhead light from there. Neither in stock and with charges--not worth it. let us know when you find the right one! I've never bought a rug at IKEA but might they have something?

  3. Oh my gosh... you guys so rock. Thanks for the tips. Guess hat I woke up to morning? An email from Overstock letting me know the jute rug I wanted was back in stock! Ca-ching! Purchased. Done and done. Now to layer. I'll wait till we're actually in the house and see what the space looks like before doing that one. xo

  4. I have a rug to offer you guys - its just sitting in the garage and you are welcome to it if the colors work. Its only 5x8 but I know you have lots of rooms to fill so let me know if you want to take a look! :)

  5. Rach - yes, yes and yes. thank you. xo


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