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Friday, August 24, 2012

Today it's two posts for the price of one - but you'll have to visit two different blogs...
My sweet Canadian friend Lisa of Wicked and Weird (which I affectionately call W2) asked me to post about home. Ironic huh? ha ha ha. I quickly agreed because I adore Lisa and her blog - she has wicked good taste in all things jewelry and her home is pretty darn dreamy too. She recently remodeled her kitchen (so I think she gets my current pain) and we both have a love for estate sales. This girl finds craigslist steals that make me salivate. Check her blog and my post for today over at Wicked and Weird!

I'm also over at Shades of Grey with a super easy DIY. Katie lives in Dallas, though I have yet to meet her, and I recently gushed about her awesome Etsy shop that contains goodies for your home and baby showers. If you haven't checked her shop or her blog, you should; this lady is insanely talented and funny. Even Ashley of Under the Sycamore loves miss Katie's stuff. Hop over to check out my fun, quick and easy DIY - that even boys will dig - and get acquainted with Shades of Grey.

Have a great weekend my little homies. I'll be back soon in my new digs hopefully - with power!  Woot Woot!  (PS - I am truly indebted to my sweet husband and community group for working so dang hard to make our new home a reality and keeping me sane in the process. If you don't have community - go get ya some. It's hard as hell, but worth every bit of it - 10 fold.) xo

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