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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The first day of Fall may have come and gone - but in Dallas, it's still HOT. Now I'm not complaining like I have in the past. This summer was actually pretty darn mild and I liked that a. lot. Let me rinse and repeat on that one - a. lot. But with Fall teasing me each crisp morning, I can't help but get excited for booties, jackets and jeans. Here are a few looks that are currently inspiring me... (I'd be lying if I didn't tell ya that my biggest concern with each look is the following: should an almost, nearly, okay - in 2 months, 40 year old that walks her little to school really be rockin' such frocks?)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

What do you think? The fadora's a stretch for a brisk walk to school huh? Otherwise, are these something a 39ish year old stay-at-home mom should rock? Please say yes. xo


  1. You askin' me??? Of course, you should rock it!! They are all in good taste, modest and stylish with edge. I will be rockin' some these myself and I am more than acquainted with 40!!! LOL

  2. yes! I ask the same questions (I was at H&M yesterday and mentioned that my kids were at preschool. Got a definite look!) Go for it!

  3. you can totally rock all of these looks! :)

  4. All of those can be rocked by YOU!

  5. Oh you guys are insanely sweet and you sure know how to make a girl feel...young-ish! ha ha ha. Thanks for the encouragement. xo

    Shon - no way you're over 30. I'm pretty sure you don't own a single wrinkle.

    Julia - they were probably looking at you like that because they were thinking - her? have kids? no way. she looks way too young!

  6. 100%!!! Every now and then I see a mom taking her kids to school in amazing duds like this and think - wow she's cool!! ;P

  7. Yes, yes!! And the fedora is fine. Practical, even. Well, I wear my cap everywhere haha.. (And you are not 39 -- you are so clearly in your 20s!).

  8. lisa - oh that anyone would look at me and think that instead of...good gravy, she tries way too hard. lol. if i rock it, i want it to look natural and not like i'm trying. ya know?

    bikbik - sending you HUGE texas size kisses for that one. XX


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