Around the House: Getting Settled - kinda

Monday, October 8, 2012

One of my favorite things about our new house is the sunlight that shines throughout.  It's amazing. What I don't like is unpacking and trying to find new homes for all of our stuff. It's definitely time to simplify. If I see another box with more of my crap in it, I just may puke all over myself. Seriously. How much stuff can four people have? (That's a question for another day; I am seriously wresting with it right now and have a lot to share on the topic.) Today I wanted to keep things light hearted and share some pics of our "progress" with you. It is Monday after all... I don't want to get too hardcore. Let's keep it light and fluffy. K?

The image above is from the kitchen. (See the baseboardless walls? Don't look at that!) I was hoping to inject a little color in this room with our old Nutrena sign. It doesn't fit. Insert sad face here. Oh well. We are devising a new plan for that wall with lots of color and the Nutrena sign may just end up in the playroom. Not sure yet. Ch-ch-ch-changes...
My little nuggets are settling in quite nicely. They love being home with their stuff and having friends nearby, but watching the neighborhood kids play outside and not being invited to play when they run out to join them is kinda killing them. I keep telling them that it will happen in due time and that they just have to go up and introduce themselves. That's a hard concept when you're shy as well as only 4 and 7 years in age. (The neighborhood kids are a bit older.)
The bedroom is my favorite room - in small doses. The wall color is "amazeballs" and it's super cozy despite it's severe lack of decor, closet doors and curtains. But my hubs has found a way to combat the no curtains bit for naptime.

For more behind the scenes peaks into the progress of our home, you can follow me on instagram via pureandnoble. I'm a bit obsessed. It's my new facebook only sooo much better.
I hope your weekend was full of leaves falling, cool breezes, friends, family and chili! Texas is having an unusually cool October and we are loving it.

If you have ever moved with littles in tow...what was the hardest thing for them to adjust to after the move and how did you work through it? xo


  1. Love the color in your bedroom! my husband was in texas over the weekend--said it was cold sunday morning! Horray for fall! (ps I looked you up on instagram)

  2. O so lovely! I'm really digging your bedroom wall colour! Here, we try to filter the scorching sunlight as much as possible, but I know how cozy and uplifting it is in temperate countries :)

  3. the last time we sons were 3 and one kept shouting too many furnitures....mind you we moved from an apartment to a home but it was sort of all in one room....pretty funny. I do love how a move will make one realize what needs to stay.


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