Fab Finds Friday: Target Does It Again

Friday, October 19, 2012

Recently I told you guys about my little love affair with Instagram; well the other day I found #targetdoesitagain through this new timesuck of mine. Seriously, I don't know how they do it but Target just keeps getting better. Not only are they doing amazing lines with guest designers, but now they're hooking up with two amazing bloggers (deep in the hart and ascot friday) for their take on Target's loot. These gals have a gift for putting pieces together; it's a little rock-n-roll, very wearable and a lot thrifty.

 And yeah, they're getting both their littles and their hubs in on the act. Ahhh...family. I love it.
How about you? Have you found anything insanely awesome at Target or on the web lately? Here's to the weekend and lots of found moments with your family. xo


  1. Wow! Thanks for the introduction to this Target blog! Love it! ;)

  2. cute blogs! I kind of burned out on target clothes this past year, but this is motivating. I might just have to shop there again soon..

  3. RB - you're welcome! #newaddiction

    Julia - come on back to the red spot! ha

    **I failed to mention that these lovely ladies must be the most petite women ever b/c they sometimes shop the little girls section - if you go large or x-large it just may work. I've been know to shop there and the boys section at J Crew. ha ha ha


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