Sparkly Clean

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sparkly Clean is what I want my littles' teeth to be - you know, cavity free. So anything I can do to encourage brushing, I'm doing it. And that includes making a fun dino toothbrush holder for their bathroom. Ok, yes; I also did this little DIY for me. Organization and clean countertops make my heart sing. Is that so wrong?

dinosaurs from the Dollar Tree
spray paint
knife (mine was just a kitchen knife because i still can't find our exacto knife - ugh)

cut holes (they don't have to be perfect)
spray paint
stuff toothbrushes into holes

Easy peasy right? That's what I thought too. But this was the reality I found every morning and night in the boys' bathroom...
Not exactly the cute and clean bliss that I had planned. Hey, they're 4 and 7. I think I have to lower my expectations a bit. I'm pretty sure they could give a rat's butt about how "cute" or clean their bathroom is. This is evidenced by toothpaste spit in the sink and tinkle trails all over the toilet. Boys, you gotta love 'em. No worries on the rad dino holder though; it can be used in other ways.

I got out my trusty kitchen knife again and just made a larger hole.
Then I shoved some q-tips in there for a spiny dinosaur weapon of earwax cleaning power. Ha! Take that DIY fail. I will make you be a success no matter what! And if this doesn't work, I'm just gonna plant a succulent in the hole and call it a day.
How do you entice your littles to keep a clean bathroom and body? xo


  1. i think you are swell. i love the gold dinos. maybe they need their own dino. qtips are a great solution.
    as for toothpaste in the sink...ugh...still happens with 9 &10 year olds but we only use white toothpaste!!
    i love when show your idea and show how it doesn't work out.

  2. I thought the toothbrush idea was awesome before I scrolled further down! I'm liking your backup plans though. : )

  3. Nicole - ha ha ha thank you for loving me through my failures and liking that I show them to the world. LOL

    Alli - thanks sweet friend. hope you are well. xo

  4. I love these guys! Sadly, we don't have enough room in the bathroom to keep the toothbrushes out, but I could see using these in their rooms - maybe put something heavy in them and make flag holders?


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