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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

When it comes to windows, West Elm or Ikea are my standard go to. (If the effortless tension rod can not be used effectively.) The design is good, simple and for the most part - inexpensive. But when West Elm offers plumbing hardware for $99 that can be found in your local Home Depot or Lowes for a quarter of the price, you know there's a DIY calling your name.
 industrial hardware via west elm
hardware via homedepot
Choose from galvanized or black pipes and fittings to make your own industrial rods. I went with black pipes and black fittings, but the wall flange only came in silver so we ended up having to spray paint everything despite my best efforts to skip that step. I also added a 1/2" nipple (yes, it's really called that) to give a bit more spacing from the wall. 
Before spray painting, screw the elbow joints, "nipples" and wall (they call it floor) flanges together. Spray paint your ends and pipe, if necessary. Next up, mount one end to wall and screw in the pipe. Add curtains to pipe/rod and then screw opposite end onto pipe. Then mount this side to wall.  (This is a two person job, because one person has to hold the rod while the other person secures it to the wall and then slips on the curtains.)

 (needs some touch up paint and those screws need to go black as well)
Overall, this job took us about an hour and cost us about $25. So easy. Seriously. And West Elm wants how much? I'll use my savings to cover the rest of the windows in my home, thank you very much! You guys, if you love the industrial look, this DIY is for you. I promise, this one really is insanely easy. 

On the topic of windows, do you think that a double functioning/great room (ie living/dining) has to have matching window covers just because there isn't a wall that separates the space? Help a sistah out! xo


  1. this is great. You're so smart! And yes, I think the windows need matching window covers. It adds continuity.


  2. See, I don't think they have to match as long as they work together. It also depends how the room is set up. Just my opinion and you know how those are! :)

  3. margie - NOOOO say it aint so. do you really think so? I may have to disappoint you. :( cp

    bikbik - thanks lady! xo

    Rach - thanks friend. xo

    Sarah - oh I know all about i just happen to love hearing them from you guys. glad you're into the no matchy. Our Ikea doesn't carry those curtains anymore. xo


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