Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Need vs. Want

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dang it... Jen Hatmaker is ruining my life! I recently purchased the book 7: an experimental mutiny against excess and I can't put it down, despite it's numerous convictions. Does she have to tackle almost every area of struggle in my life? Clothing, Shopping, Food, Waste, Media, Possessions, Stress. I mean just when I thought I had gained some ground in the media department - Bam! - I'm convicted of my time on the computer and my phone. (Stupid Pinterest.) But, what I love about this book is how beautifully truthful it is AND funny. Seriously funny.

That image up top? That's my temporary closet. I can't even get all my clothes on the rack and, ashamedly, I still have a few boxes of clothes and accessories that have yet to be unpacked. Ugh! Why would I unpack them? - I clearly have no room for them, nor do I need them. (At least not right now, it's still Summer in Texas.) So now I find myself asking the question... If I haven't missed my stuff in 4.5 months, why am I still hanging onto it? My recent 7 conviction has led me to donate about 25 - 30% of what you see on that there rack. There is more to go - loads more. 

I don't know why it's so hard for me to part with that stuff. I think my family's bankruptcy when I was in high school has morphed into some minor hoarding issues that reach much further than just my closet. And while I have tackled some of that, I know - by the looks of things - that I still have a long way to go. No worries, 2012 is the year of simplification for me/us. Over the next few weeks, I'm going to continue to pull back the curtains on my slight hoarding issues as well as my need to consume and over extend myself. Hopefully you'll join me as I take a look at the following:

my schedule - Stress
my crap - Possessions
my social media indulgences - Media

I think I'll end the series with another Shop My Closet extravaganza! If I don't need this stuff, maybe you do or perhaps some items will make the perfect Christmas gift. And if things get really crazy, maybe you'll join me in my purge of excess. 

Does a girl really need 8 pairs of boots and 3 little black jackets? Really? xo


  1. Ooo...can Canadians 'Shop Your Closet' too? That would be awesome-but I know a lot of US bloggers don't ship north of the border. I think with the culture we live in, keeping excess in check is a continual process and evaluation of how we live. There's always room to improve! :)

  2. to that last question...NO! and I will join you but I am a constant purger and since I dropped 3 sizes I purged my closet...but I love to play along.
    & and Jen Hatmaker will get us everytime...the Holy Spirit through Ms Hatmaker!

  3. Melissa - absolutely girl. you know I love me some canadians! xo

    Nicole - uggh, ok. I get it! ;) And yes... the Holy Spirit thru M. Hatmaker. grrrrr. ha ha ha xo

  4. Oh dear, this is clearly a book I need to AVOID... at least until spring cleaning time. :) And I'll shop your closet any day! How do you set it up BTW? I have a ton of stuff I would love to sell as well...

  5. Lisa - you are hysterical. its a good read. give it a go. ;) i just do pics of my items, list the price and ask people interested to email me. first come first serve. once i invoice them and they pay via paypal, i mark the item as sold. xo


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