We've Been "BOO"ed

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The hubs opened our front door Saturday morning to find a message on our door that read, "We've been BOO'ed!" We found a little jack-o-lantern bucket with treats to eat, to wear and to decorate our home. So fun.  I love this idea. Kind of like May Day baskets in October. Genius. 

Here's our version of the "Boo" poem.

You can bet that this will become a new Halloween tradition for the Fish Family!

Do you and your family have any fun Fall or Halloween traditions? xo


  1. so fun. I am going to do this today!

  2. How sweet! Halloween isn't really part of the culture here, but eating and sharing candy is something we do year round :)

  3. pve - did you Boo anyone? hope so. xo

    bikbik - oh how we share candy here too. probably WAY too much. ha ha ha xo


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