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Monday, November 5, 2012

It finally happened... one of my most favorite days of the year...Daylight Savings Ends! One more extra hour to sleep. Woot!  You must be thinking to yourself, "but she has two young boys, how is she sleeping in late when their little bodies have yet to adjust to the new heavenly hour?" Simple. When my oldest woke up and asked for something to eat at 6:00 am, I simply told him to fix himself a bowl of cereal and watch a show. Yes, Mother of the Year. That's me. Whatever, I've convinced myself that this is teaching him a tiny bit of independence. (Sick, I know.) But look who got to sleep in 'til 8:30.

I made up for this lame attempt at independence with pumpkin choco chip pancakes and a nature walk scooter ride. The weather was perfect and the boys were stoked! We collected treasures, used our cave-man instincts to bash pecans open with rocks and checked out the garden at the end of the street.

After about 15 minutes my littles were done with our adventure (yes, world's shortest attention spans) and headed home to crush more acorns and pecans with their rocks. I continued my bike ride looking for pine cones. I found a few, but the real treasure came when I found these beauties...

Yes, everything IS bigger in Texas. Commence nut envy now. I plan on making Fall garland with our treasures and painting those ginormous acorns gold. Emmm Hmmm. 

As for the Flea Market I mentioned last Friday... bust. But... I did make a new acquaintance and one of my sweet readers popped by to say hi! (Thanks girl, your support means the world!) That made it all worth while.

So, did you get any extra sleep thanks to the time change or am I the only one up for Mother of the Year award? xo


  1. No extra sleep here! The little one was awake at 4:00am. But I was awake too - crazy pregnancy non-sleep issues. ;)

  2. our kids woke up at 545. it was the longest day EVER! Ou daughter was content to play alone for our bit. but our son needed more attention. Love the idea of teaching independence :)

  3. when you ask your kids to cook you eggs and make you coffee while you sleep in, that is when you really become mother of the year.

  4. Rach - so sorry. do i hear of some naps in your future?

    Julia - thanks for continuing my delusion of teaching "independence" xo

    Nicole - one day my friend... one day. ha ha ha.


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