Fab Finds Friday: PreSale Treasures

Friday, November 2, 2012

Yesterday I mentioned that I am going through every box and cupboard in my home for items to sell at the Flea Market I'm working today. Well in doing so, I came across my grandmother's old afghan. I love it. But, I've only used it once or twice before when the power went out and I needed something to keep us super toasty. That sucker did the trick. Anyway... since I've only used it once or twice I thought, "sell it." Then I came across this image as I was looking online to see how I should price it.
I fell in love with that image (and the winged high-tops). I quickly took my afghan to the boys' room for a try... Shoot, I fell in love. Is it too much or just the right amount of crazy?
 (PS - do  not look at the A&M pillow pet or drink bottle in my big's bed. I was just trying it out remember?)

I also scored some stuff for me and for the Flea Market at the thrift store the other day while running errands.
I'm keeping the little pottery vases for some succulents and the rattan tray too. Gonna add some paint to it so that lovely pattern pops more. Everything else... for sale, including the hull oven proof soup cup.

Fun. Fun. Fun. Wish me luck at the Flea Market. If you're in the area (DFW-Arlington), I do hope you'll pop by and say Hello!

So tell me, when you buy stuff do you ever feel the need to resale it because you got it for such a steal? xo


  1. that ripple afghan is wonderful
    I love the winged hi tops too!!
    blessings x

  2. the afghan is just the right amount of crazy...so colorful.
    i always want to resell my steals but alas, i am lazy and i never get around to selling them!!

  3. Afghan is PERFECT!!! You must keep it. Please let us know what you decide. Also, where did you find those awesome wooden crates hanging on the wall???

  4. So pleased you chose not to see the afghan - not only does it look beautiful on the bed, but everytime you see it, you will be reminded of your grandmother. What a treasure.

  5. Thanks ladies! I'm so glad I kept it. I do love it so in the boys room. Now to add a sheet to the back (hand stitch) so that it's not scratchy on their little legs! xo

  6. Oh Sarah - the crates are from various estate sales over the years! xo


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