Around the House: Deep Clean

Monday, January 14, 2013

It currently looks as if a bomb has hit my home. My oldest is at home with a low-grade fever and I'm out of coffee! It's Monday for sure. And now that all the holidays are over and the routine is back to "normal", it's time to dig myself out of the laundry piles. Oh, and there's the mental cobweb clear-out that needs to take place too. My brain is still in vacation mode. Anyone else?

Today I wanted to take a quick minute and let you know about a few things I'm excited to share with you in 2013. I think the rain in North Texas has finally come to a halt and that means I can take pretty sun-filled pics of my home (once clean). I'm so excited to show you all what we have done to our little mid-century fixer upper and the under-belly of what remains to be tackled. I'm also going to be sharing a monthly post on parenting centered around teaching from some super wise women at my church. I will be bringing back the His and Hers series too. Anyone want to play along? (I'm hoping to get Alli on board with this too.) And tomorrow I'll be doing a give-away for my sweet readers! See ya tomorrow. 

While I'm thinking about it, is there anything thing you'd like me to talk about/share this year? xo

** house cleaning and dreaming images - source unknown. weekly cleaning free download here.


  1. and what about our blog collaboration missy ;) kidding- i know you have your hands full but we should birth that baby before i birth mine- right?!! hope your little feels better and your coffee replenishes quickly.

    looking forward to seeing you soon!

  2. oooh, we do need to birth that baby before Ryder comes along! See you Sat. sweet thang! xo


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